Smoking and risk of treatment-induced neutralizing antibodies to interferon beta-1a

The development of neutralising antibodies (NAbs) to interferon β (IFNβ) products is known to result in a loss of clinical efficacy. In this study, they looked at 695 MS patients treated with IFNβ-1a and the influence of smoking habits on the risk of developing Nabs to IFNβ. The development of Nabs to IFNβ-1a among current smokers was compared with that of non-smokers.

Results showed that there was an increased risk of developing Nabs to IFNβ-1a in current smokers when compared to non-smokers. No gender difference was seen. In conclusion, this demonstrates that current smokers have an increased risk of developing Nabs to IFNβ-1a which has implication for both practical care and the treatment of MS.

Hedström AK, Ryner M

Source: Mult Scler, 2013 Aug 7. [Epub ahead of print]

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