Disease-modifying drugs for MS in pregnancy

The authors have performed a systematic review of currently availabledata regarding the safety of disease modifying therapies taken by womenwith MS during pregnancy.

Using Pubmed and EMBASE, the authorsfound 761 interferon β-, 97 glatiramer acetate-, and 35natalizumab-exposed pregnancies. However most studies were small andnone were rated as excellent. The better prospective studies suggestthat interferon β exposure was associated with lower mean birth weight,shorter mean birth length, and pre-term birth (<37 weeks), but not lowbirth weight (<2,500 g), cesarean delivery, congenital anomaly(including malformation), or spontaneous abortion. Although similarfindings were not seen in studies with glatiramer acetate ornatalizumab, those studies were much smaller and further work is stillneeded to establish their safety. The authors conclude thatdiscontinuation of DMDs before conception should still be recommended.

Authors: Lu E, Wang BW, Guimond C, Synnes A, Sadovnick D, Tremlett H.

Source: Neurology. 2012 Aug 29. [Epub ahead of print]

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