MSIF Young Researchers Award 2012

Congratulations to Dr Julien Ratelade, who was awarded the MSIF Young Researchers Award 2012 at ECTRIMS in Lyon on 13 October, 2012.

Dr Ratelade, who is a postdoctoral fellow of the University of California, San Francisco, gave a presentation entitled “Rodent models of neuromyelitis optica based on pathogenicity of engineered anti-aquaporin-4 ‘NMO superantibodies’ with enhanced effector functions.”

The MSIF Young Researchers Award is given for the best presentation of a translational project at the ECTRIMS Young Researchers session. The €1,000 award was launched under the MSIF Research Alumni programme in 2009 to support young researchers and encourage them to remain in the MS field.

The Award was presented to Dr Ratelade (third from left) by Dr Olga Ciccarelli (right), accompanied by Prof Xavier Montalban (Sectretary of ECTRIMS, first on left) and Prof Maria Trojano (Vice-President of ECTRIMS, second on left).