MS in Focus 23 ready to download

The latest edition of MS in focus is all about online information – what’s out there, how to use it, how it connects people, and how you can assess it.

International experts writing in this edition include Sally Shaw from Australia on who to trust online, the UK’s George Pepper writing on social media, and Lauren E Hansen from the USA on empowerment.

From Argentina, three people living with MS tell us how they use the internet to access information on their condition. And there is a review of the Cochrane Collaboration, which aims to find and promote the best possible scientific evidence.

Sticking with new technology, Bernadette Porter from University College London Hospitals in London describes the emerging world of telecare and how it can be used to support people with MS in their homes.

MS in focus is a free magazine published twice a year. Each edition looks in detail at a specific topic related to MS, including symptoms, research and day-to-day living with MS. MS in focus is overseen by an international, cross-cultural editorial board.

The current edition is being translated into Arabic, French, German and Spanish, which will be available to download from the MSIF website by the end of January.

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