Breaking down barriers together: MSIF, Ciwawa and MS/NMO China

Today more than two million people around the world have MS but in China, MS is currently considered by some as a rare disease. There are estimated to be from 50,000 to 100,000 people with MS in China, but the statistics are unreliable.

People with MS in China share common challenges with people with rare diseases like brittle bone disease and haemophilia. These include public stigma and discrimination if they have visible signs of disability; the lack of a social safety net for people with chronic long-term health problems; limited psycho-social (emotional) support and little knowledge about the conditions amongst the general public and medical profession, leading to lack of or late diagnosis and limited treatment options.

These common challenges can be better overcome if we work together and that is why MSIF support’s Ciwawa’s efforts together with MS/NMO China on International Rare Diseases Day 2013: rare diseases without borders.

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