Meet our Committees

Member organisations met at our 2013 Council Meeting in Berlin and  had a chance to decide MSIF’s leadership through voting for the Board, Officers and Nominating Committee for the period 2013-2015.  

MSIF Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is elected by the Council of MSIF and its role is to identify and invite potential candidates to stand as MSIF officers and members of the Board of Trustees, and of the future Nominating Committee itself. Final elections are then by secret ballot of the MSIF Council.

Daniel Larouche (Canada)

Martin Stevens (UK) 
Eli Rubenstein (USA)
Dorothea Pitschnau-Michel (Germany)
Charles van der Straten Waillet (Belgium)    
Peter Kauffeldt (Denmark)
Mario Battaglia (Italy)
María Jose Wuille-Bille (Argentina)

The following committees are advisory and their role is the advise the Board of Trustees and the MSIF Chief Executive. The committees are composed of  trustees and may include others from the wider MS community with appropriate skills.

MSIF People with MS Advisory Committee

This committee provides the Board and MSIF secretariat with advice and perspectives on the needs of people with and affected by MS directly from people with MS. It is formed of members of the Board with MS, and other people with MS who fulfil an active function in a Member Organisation.


Martin Stevens (UK)

John Golding (Norway)
Sophie Galland-Froger (France)
Guy De Vos (Belgium)
Mindy Alpert (USA)

MSIF Finance and Audit Committee

This committee advises the Board on the financial well-being of MSIF, including the budget, accounts and investments, and recommends an auditor to be appointed by the Board.

Members of the Finance and Audit Committee are in the process of being appointed.

MSIF Fundraising Committee

This committee proposes the MSIF Fundraising Strategy to the Board and helps to implement it.


Antonella Moretti (Italy)

Adam Michel (Germany)
Nicola Tallett (UK)
Graham McReynolds (USA)
Dorinda Roos (Netherlands)
Torben Damsgaard (Denmark)

MSIF CEO Advisory Group

The CEO of each MSIF Member Organisation is a member of the MSIF CEO Advisory Group. It shares best practise and contributes intellectually to the development of MSIF as a whole. The Chairperson and two of the group's members serve on the MSIF Board as trustees.


Yves Savoie (Canada)