Stem cells

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are cells that can both reproduce themselves and develop into many different cell types. There is a potential to use stem cells to grow different types of cell on demand, for example to grow new nerve cells.

This research is still at an early stage. Researchers still do not know which chemical signals are need to control cell growth and differentiation.

Researchers agree on future of stem cell research

On 6 May 2010, an international consensus on the future of stem cell transplantation research for people with MS was published, paving theway for more coordinated global research efforts and potentially for better, and quicker, patient access to stem cell clinical trials.

New guidelines, written by some of the most respected international MS researchers and MS societies from around the world, spell out hope for the future of MS stem cell research and debunk myths about stem cell clinics which claim to cure MS.

The guidelines are the result of a meeting held in London in May 2009 organised by the MS Societies in the UK and USA, and supported by MSIF and the MS Societies of Italy, France and Australia. 

MS societies from the UK, USA, Italy, France and Australia, with MSIF, have published a booklet which summarises the guidelines forpeople affected by MS.

Download the booklet 'Stem Cell Therapies in MS' in English

Descargar el folleto informativo para personas afectadas por EM en español

Download 'Stammzellentherapie bei MS' in Deutsch

Watch this video of Dr Antonio Uccelli of the University of Genoa, Italy, speaking to MSIF about recent stem cell research.

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