2010 Recipients

2010 Du Pré Grant Recipients

In 2010, MSIF awarded eleven Du Pré Grants to enable young researchers from Australia, Argentina, Cuba, Germany, Iran, Spain and UK to travel to work on short term MS research projects in Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and USA.

Stephanie Day, Australia

The £5,000 grant enabled Stephanie, a post-doctoral researcher at the Burnet Institute, Melbourne, to spend six months at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, USA where she worked with Professor Lawrence Stern to produce crystals of cyclic MBP83-99 peptides in complex with human MHC class II, HLA-DR1, in order to determine the 3D structure of the complex.

A wealth of new techniques and technologies were learned during this project, and these will be implemented in the laboratory at home, and relayed to my peers. The myelin basic protein crystallisation project will be continued by the researchers in Prof. Sterns lab and should a crystal structure be obtained, then this will contribute greatly to the rational design of a multiple sclerosis vaccine.

Peter Göttle, Germany

Peter, a PhD student from Heinrich Heine-University, Düsseldorf, will use the £3,000 grant to spend a month at CRICM in Paris, France where he will work with Professor Catherine Lubetzki on promoting CNS remyelination by means of CXCR7 activation.

Sreeram Ramagopalan, United Kingdom

The £3,000 grant will enable Sreeram, a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Oxford, to travel to the University of British Columbia, Canada where he will spend two months studying genetic and environmental risk factors in Iranian immigrants with MS, in the laboratory of Professor Dessa Sadovnik.

Xavier Tomas Fernandez, Spain

The £5,000 grant will help Xavier, a research fellow from the Barcelona Biomedical Research Centre to extend his research stay at the Children's Hospital, Boston, USA, by five months. Xavier is working with Dr Simon Warfield on Multi-modal brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging segmentation for the analysis of MS.

Ann-Marie Hughes and Sara Demain (co-application), UK

Ann-Marie and Sara, post-doctoral research fellows from the University of Southampton, will use their joint grant of £2300 to spend two weeks at MS centres in Belgium and Ireland where they will carry out a study on upper limb dysfunctions in people with MS.

Ilona Kubajewska, UK

The £4700 grant will enable Ilona, a PhD student from the University of Nottingham to visit the University of Maryland School of Medicine, USA for four months under the supervision of Dr Walter Royal, where she will investigate the immunomodulatory effects of retinoic acid on T lymphocytes mediating inflammatory/autoimmune response and immune regulation in MS.

Juan Ignacio Rojas, Argentina

Juan, a neurologist from Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires will use his £4000 grant to travel to the Multiple Sclerosis Center of Ospedale San Raffaele, Milan in Italy for two months to work with Prof Massimo Filippi on grey and white matter abnormalities in patients with early relapsing-remitting MS and depression.

Moones Heidari, Iran

With the aid of a £5000 grant, Moones, a Master's student from Tarbiat Modares University will spend three months at the University of Cambridge, UK under the supervision of Dr. Stephen Sawcer where she will work on a genome wide association study in MS.

Nielsen Denis, Cuba

Nielsen Denis, a Masters student from the University of Havana, will use her £5000 grant to carry out a six month study at the University of Göttingen, Germany with Prof Wolfgang Bruck, on neuroprotective and antioxidant substances in Experimental Autoimmune Encephalitis.

Sara Pasamar, Spain

The £5000 grant will help Sara, a postgraduate researcher to spend one year at IDIBAPS Clinic in Barcelona, Spain where she will study effector and regulatory T cell Dynamic Analysis in autoimmunity under the supervision of Dr Pablo Villoslada.