Communicating MS

We aim to communicate accurate, independent and free information about MS to anyone affected by MS around the world, including:

  • People with MS and their families
  • Healthcare professionals who work with people with MS, including neurologists, general practice doctors, MS nurses and physiotherapists
  • MS organisations who are supporting people with MS in their country or region
  • MS researchers

We do this through a number of channels, including:

MS in focus magazine  MS in focus magazine - young people with MS cover
MSIF's publication, MS in focus, is published twice a year and has a free subscription. Each edition looks in detail at a specific topic related to MS, including symptoms, research and day-to-day living with MS. MS in focus is overseen by an international, cross-cultural editorial board, ensuring that it is written in accessible and international language, and is published in multi-languages. Find out more

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