World MS Day 2013

What's your motto

In May 2013, six inspiring young people from around the world shared the mottos that give them strength. We also asked visitors to the WMSD website to share their own mottos for life around three themes: identity, relationships and the future.

Young people and MS

The 2013 campaign focused on young people. At a time when young people may be starting new careers, relationships and making plans for the future, being diagnosed with a chronic and potentially disabling disease like MS can lead them to re-evaluate everything they know.

What's your motto?

The campaign ran from 8 May across digital channels and social media including YouTube, the World MS Day website and blog, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

Activities were organised by MS organisations and groups across the world and ranged from public awareness and fundraising initiatives to parties for people with MS and high level meetings with key decision makers.

We asked visitors to the website to share the mottos that give them strength. A word cloud created from the mottos was shared with the world on World MS Day 2013.

World MS Day 2013 Website

Highlights from 2013

  • More than 4,400 mottos were submitted to the World MS Day website, double the number of postcard submissions in 2012.
  • Social networking helped to create an engaging campaign this year. WMSD reached more than 305,102 people on Facebook in May 2013, a 686% increase from the May 2012 figure of 38,810. On Twitter, the campaign reached more than 3.5 million people through 11.1 million impressions. Interestingly, 38% of people viewed the campaign website through a mobile phone this year. 
  • This is just part of the picture – much of WMSD consists of actions at national level by MS organisations, people with MS and other key players. In 2013, reported activities took place in 68 countries. 
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