World MS Day 2009

World MS Day was established by MSIF and our member organisatons for any individual, group and organisation involved in the global MS movement. The first World MS Day took place on Wednesday 27 May 2009. The theme was “Join the global movement. End MS!”

The aims of the day were to:

  1. Raise awareness of MS, national MS societies and the global MS movement 
  2. Unite, broaden and mobilise the global MS movement 
  3. Generate funds to support the global MS movement. 


  • More than 200 events and activities took place in at least 67 countries. 
  • Media coverage included TV coverage in 27 countries and radio coverage in 14 countries. 
  • 14,339 people signed up to the World MS Day page on Facebook and 369 people became followers of the World MS Day Twitter page
  • The global campaign film, with U2's song Beautiful Day, was a big success.