Evelyn Nicholson Award

This annual award, established in 1994, honours caregiver Evelyn Nicholson and recognises people who are, or who have been, volunteer caregivers to people with MS and who have demonstrated outstanding commitment and devotion in their support. 

Candidates for the award must be nominated by national MS societies.

The objectives of the award are to:

  • recognise the importance of the role of volunteer caregivers to people with MS,
  • create greater awareness of the importance of the volunteer caregiver in the lives of people with MS,
  • give national societies the opportunity to offer a national award for volunteer caregivers.
The winner is awarded UK£500 towards the cost of any suitable product, service or activity identified at the nomination stage. In addition, the winner receives an MSIF certificate in recognition of their commitment and dedication. 

All candidates receive an MSIF certificate acknowledging their personal commitment to those affected by MS. 

2013 winner:

Maurice Maso from Belgium is the winner of the 2013 Evelyn Nicholson Award for International Caregiver.

Read more about Maurice.

This award is a tremendous opportunity to advance projects for the greatest happiness of the people affected by MS. It will offer them the occasion to push the limits of their everyday life, to create links and attend meetings, and even more importantly, to give meaning again to their life. -Maurice Maso

Previous winners

2012    No award given
2011    Ana Silvia Barajas de Garcia, Mexico
2010    Sarah Thomas, UK 

2009    Dale Kempen, South Africa 
2008    Elisabeth Golding, Norway 
2007    Susana Carballido Perdigón, Uruguay 
2006    Maria Fleta, Poland 
2005    Maria Broeckx, Belgium 
2004    Alan Lindsley, UK 
2003    Skaidrite Beitlere, Latvia 
2002    Jon Ferguson, Australia 
2001    Ion Gîda, Romania 
2000    Cor de Wilde, Netherlands 
1999    Helen Jean Mortson, Canada 
1998    Bente Nielsen, Denmark 
1997    Josy Baumann, Switzerland 
1996    Joan Dartnell, Australia 
1995    Ewa Marszal, Poland 
1994    Harry Bell, South Africa