Treating MS symptoms


People with MS experience a wide range of symptoms cased by damage to their central nervous system. A number of treatments have been tested for MS symptoms and although limited, there has been some progress for particular symptoms such as spasticity and gait problems. however, testing for use in other symptoms such as fatigue and cognitive impairment has been unclear to date.

Balancing treatment benefits with the risk of side effects is difficult in symptom management - for example, a treatment that improves spasticity and pain, but worsens mobility may not be worth pursuing. Neurologists need to work closely with each person with MS to find appropriate treatments for that person's symptoms.

Other symptom management techniques also need to be considered, such as rehabilitation, energy conservation and exercise.

For specific medication that may help symptoms such as fatigue, cognitive impairment, depression, spasticity, impaired walking, bladder dysfunction, sexual dysfunction or pain, read MS in focus - pharmacological treatment in MS.